Welcome to the 2022 NC Blackberry Festival, an officially sanctioned event in the State of North Carolina.  We are thrilled to be back after a 2-year hiatus due to COVID restrictions.  This year's event is expected to be a great opportunity for us to celebrate the NC Blackberry and have a fun and safe outdoor event for you as a vendor and for our community and visitors to enjoy.  The theme for 2022 is an OLD FASHIONED SUMMER FESTIVAL.  Our goal and objective this year is to help celebrate LOCAL BUSINESS, ARTISTS, and NON-PROFITS with fantastic savings options.  If you have a business or your place of residence is based and headquartered in Caldwell County NC, you will find some fantastic savings on your booth fees.  If you are a member of the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce we also have savings for you as well.  We encourage you to get creative and come up with food items or artwork that has a Blackberry Theme.  Special Awards will be provided for those that have a creative NC Blackberry component to your offering.  We have created an opportunity for local businesses and non-profits to embrace the Old Fashioned Summer Festival idea. so get with your planning committee and come up with FUN and engaging ways for your organization to use this year's festival as a fundraising opportunity or a promotional opportunity to drive business to your location around Caldwell County NC.  In past years this festival has had upwards of 25,000 Visitors and we expect to see that same type of crowd in 2022.   At this point in time, all initial communications will be done via email so that we can properly track your information.  Once we get closer to the festival date, you will be contacted in person by our team.   We hope to see you on July 15-16, 2022. 

To be considered as a vendor at this year’s event, please fill out the application completely. The fee for your vendor booth is good for one 12’ x 12’ space for both days of the festival. When applying, be sure to utilize the application checklist to ensure that your application is complete. Please read the enclosed rules and regulations thoroughly. Completion of this form DOES NOT constitute acceptance to the festival.

For more information, contact Festival Coordinator at the NC Blackberry Festival via email at NCberryfest@caldwellchambernc.com 

Contact Information

Vendor Information

Three good quality photos of your work:

Booth and Utilities

No gas-powered generators allowed within the festival footprint

Please read the following rules carefully and completely:

  • Complete booth application in full. Food vendors must submit a complete menu with prices which will be approved and signed off by the Blackberry committee for vendors. You may be asked to leave if you cannot comply with your approved menu. You may also be asked to limit your menu in order to reduce duplicate items at the Festival.

  • Sharing of space is not permitted. Only the business or organization listed on the application will be permitted to operate in the assigned space. Any vendors not abiding by this policy may be asked to leave or pay additional vendor fees for their additional businesses.

  • Cancellation Policy: In fairness to all applicants, the following policy has been adopted: If you are accepted and then cancel by 5:00 pm on April 31st, your fee will be fully refunded. April 31st - May 15th, 50% of the fees paid will be refunded. After May 16th, there are absolutely no refunds.

  • Submit at least three (3) photographs representative of your current work even if you have attended in the past. Please know that applications without photographs will not be considered. Photographs are required from ALL vendors.

  • For Payment, please include two checks Made Payable to The Caldwell Chamber of Commerce and add NC BLACKBERRY FESTIVAL on the SUBJECT or NOTES line:

    • Check with all associated vendor space fees, water, electricity.

    • Check in the amount of $50 for refundable deposit

  • All applicants must enclose a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) with postage for your festival notification.

  • Mail to: NC Blackberry Festival, c/o Caldwell Chamber of Commerce, 1909 Hickory Blvd. SE., Lenoir, NC 28645. Be sure there is sufficient postage on your entry.

  • Applicants will be taken until booth space is filled. Additional vendors will be placed on a waiting list.

  • VENDORS MUST CHECK IN FOR THE FESTIVAL AT THEIR DESIGNATED TIME. Check in violation may lead to future non-acceptance into the festival.

  • Vendors will NOT be permitted to enter the festival to set-up after 4:30 PM Friday Night. No refunds will be given for late arrivals.

  • Security will be provided on Friday night.

  • Food and Beverage Policy: Only Food Vendors will be allowed to sell food and beverages. Other vendors are not allowed to distribute, accept donations for or sell food or beverages.

  • NO PETS are allowed in the Festival. Vendor pets must be placed in a Doggy Day Care during the Festival. If you would like a list of local boarding businesses, please call the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce at 828-726-0616 or visit our website (www.caldwellchambernc.com).

  • Absolutely NO SMOKING will be allowed in your booth area.

  • All vendor spaces must remain open for attendees until the festival closes each day.

  • Saturday tear down procedures will be sent out prior to the festival.

  • All vendor spaces must be cleaned including all necessary trash particles.

  • In cases of inclement weather, all vendor tents MUST BE SAFELY SECURED (i.e. water bottles, sandbags, bricks, etc). Please expect the possibility of high winds and plan accordingly. The festival does not provide equipment for securing vendor spaces. Please plan on setting up your own tables and tents or bring additional help for this. Festival staff will not be available to assist you in setting up your booth.

  • There will be a refundable cleaning deposit of $50.00. This must be sent in a separate check and will be refunded after the festival if your area has been left clean, usually within a month. You MUST have your space checked by Festival staff prior to leaving or forfeit your deposit. This deposit WILL NOT BE REFUNDED if you do not abide by the operating hours and other rules of the Festival. All food, supplies and equipment must be kept within the boundaries of your booth space AND YOUR AREA MUST BE TOTALLY CLEAN OF ANY TRASH, ZIP TIES AND OIL, or you will automatically forfeit your deposit. If you leave the festival prior to the end time, your deposit will NOT BE refunded and you will not be accepted into future events.

  • Be sure you know the space of your booth! Exhibit space must be self-contained. No tent poles, guy wires, trailer hitches, tables or merchandise will be permitted beyond your space. Tables must be draped and booths should presented in an attractive appearance. Vendors must remain within their specified locations and are not permitted to solicit customers by walking into the traffic area in order to hand out promotional material.

  • Each vendor is requested to prominently display a sign with his/her name or the trade name and product.

  • Items sold must be in keeping with the Festival’s family environment. The committee reserves the right to ban or dismiss any vendor or product that it deems offensive.

  • Power is limited. Power can be provided with an additional cost to the vendor.


  • Vendors who leave early and/or do not abide by Festival rules or those vendors who fail to use common sense and courtesy will not be invited to participate in future festivals.

  • Set Up:
    • Friday, July 15 — All vehicles must be out of the festival area by 4:30 P.M.
    • Saturday, July 16 — All vehicles must be out of the festival area by 8:30 A.M.

 The Blackberry Festival cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of exhibitors’ merchandise.


  • We try to reduce food menu duplication. It is imperative that you return your application with full menu and prices as soon as possible. A committee will decide which vendors and menu items are accepted.

  • Vendors will sign off on their food menu after acceptance to the Festival to prevent confusion or disputes about what items were approved. You will be asked to remove any item that was not approved or asked to leave the Festival; no questions.

  • Food vendors please schedule your time of arrival within your window time given upon acceptance

  • No food vendors are allowed on Festival grounds before 12:00 P.M. on Friday.

  • All food prices must be prominently displayed. NO PRICES = NO SALES!

  • RULES:

    • No food will be left out on counters after close of each day

    • All vendors must have a sneeze guard barrier between your business and the general public

    • It is YOUR responsibility to be in compliance with fire and health codes for this event. You will not be able to open for business if not inspected prior to the event.

Hold Harmless Agreement:

The Festivals sponsored by the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce are outdoor events with vendors spaces on asphalt, gravel, and or grass.

I have read all the rules carefully and agree to abide by them. I, in consideration of being a vendor of the North Carolina Blackberry Festival (NCBF), agree to indemnify, protect and hold harmless the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce, City of Lenoir, sponsors and volunteers of NCBF from all claims, liability or lawsuits, including reimbursement of attorney fees in defending such claims and damage to real or personal property which arises out of, or results from the acts or omissions of the undersigned or resulting from the activities carried on by the undersigned and its employees, agents and representatives. I acknowledge that I have read all of the rules & regulations for the 2019 NCBF and will abide by them. I understand that festival officials may terminate my participation without refund if they feel I am in violation of any regulation. I release the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce, City of Lenoir, all sponsors and volunteers of the NCBF from any responsibility for theft, damage or loss.


Check List:

____ Application for participation in the 18th Annual NC Blackberry Festival has been completed
____ Certificate of insurance, if applicable
____ Photos of booth and merchandise
____ Certificate of Liability, if applicable
____ Self addressed stamped envelope for follow-up information
____ Vendor Fee Check made out to "Caldwell Chamber of Commerce"
____ Refundable deposit check ($50) made out to "Caldwell Chamber of Commerce"

Please note: missing items will constitute an "incomplete" application. Incomplete applications will not be considered for acceptance. Contact the Festival Coordinator to make arrangements if necessary.

Notes about Acceptance:

  • Official letter of acceptance must be issued to confirm acceptance

    • You will be called to confirm acceptance in addition to acceptance letter

  • Payment must be made within TWO WEEKS of acceptance date.

  • All documentation must be provided within TWO WEEKS of acceptance date.

  • Unless provisions are arranged with the Festival Coordinator, failure to provide correct documentation or payment within the allotted time will result in an automatic "No Longer in Consideration" status. Your acceptance will be retracted and another vendor will be accepted.