Vendor Information

Blackberry Vendor Information

Please thoroughly review the vendor application form, you will be notified of your status throughout the application process with our NEW digital application! Please follow all instructions fully, incomplete applications will not be considered for acceptance. We are BERRY excited that you are interested in joining Team Blackberry in 2020, if you have any questions please reach our to our Festival Director at 828.726.0616!

Vendor Form

Click Here for our NEW digital application!


Vendor Acceptance

Vendors will receive acceptance confirmation via email. Leaving the festival early is very dangerous to visitors and will not be tolerated. Attempts to leave the festival early will result in the vendor no longer being considered for future festivals and forfeiture of deposits to The Caldwell Chamber of Commerce. Instructions and space assignment will be emailed approximately one week prior to the festival.

Food Vendors – Inspectable and Non-Inspectable

Selected food vendors must submit application form, fees and proof of insurance with your application. You will receive notification after the Chamber of Commerce receives your entry form. All fees will be returned if you are not accepted. If accepted, your form will be sent to the Caldwell County Health Department and you will receive Health Inspection instructions. It is your responsibility to comply with all health department regulations. For questions on county health rules, contact the Caldwell County Health Inspector at 828-426-8582.

Vendor Set Up

For questions about special exceptions, please call the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce at (828) 726-0616.